Greek Food and Travel Experts

We are an Australian born couple with Hellenic heritage living in Melbourne. We are passionate about Greece, food and travel. When we think of our happiest moments we often reminisce on our wonderful travels or a delicious meal. This is how we know that food and travel is our passion project, our happy place.

We both have a keen interest in health and fitness and so our travel has always involved eating well and keeping active which is very easy to do when you are in Greece. With its myriad of walks and constantly changing terrain; from Santorini’s never ending steps, to Crete’s rugged mountainous gorges, to Lefkada’s steep declining trails that provide the only way to access the most picturesque beaches, all the while knowing that the return trip is a torturous incline! After all that adventure, you sit down for lunch and are rewarded with a freshly cooked wholesome meal consisting of locally sourced seasonal produce. Your senses are awakened by the aroma of the food well before the plate arrives on the table.

Since adopting a healthier lifestyle, we found that as a consequence our diet changed and we spent much more time in the kitchen preparing our own home cooked meals. We consumed whole foods as close to their natural state as possible and soon realised that the way we were eating, is the way the Mediterraneans have always eaten. Having the right balance leads to a healthy and happy life.

In 2015, our travels took us to Greece once again but we spent a lot more time there; a year and a half to be precise, exploring the mainland and the islands at our own pace.

We settled in the town of Chania which is located on the western side of Crete and explored the whole island, literally from one end to the other. We immersed ourselves in the culture and we lived like the locals and even participated in cultural events including the parade for Greek Independence Day in full costume with our Cretan dancing group.

We wandered through 25 of the Greek Islands, each unique in its own way, drove along the coastal blue turquoise waters of the Peloponnese and ventured up the lush green mainland of the North.

Travel, food and culture have always been at the centre of everything we do as it allows us to see and to learn from the way in which others live. This in turn has enriched our lives. We noticed that food brought families together for both lunch and dinner, every single day. Sundays were reserved for a ‘special’ big lunch. Coming together over a meal created conversation and laughter, it brought joy to the elders and excitement to young children. Food made everyone happy.

We also noticed the differences in the way in which food was produced, harvested, prepared and consumed. In Crete, many households have their own fruit and vegetable gardens and even farm animals which are used for their own dairy production. Food is always prepared using local or regional ingredients and cooking is based on the seasons, which is optimum for health.

We have countless fond memories born out of our food experiences. We often find ourselves noticing a familiar aroma and in that moment we are immediately transported to the place where it originated; the spice market, the local street vendor or the traditional bakery, and while reminiscing we catch ourselves smiling. That, is a fond food memory!

It is these fond travel and food experiences that led us to create The Hellenic Odyssey. We learnt that food is about cooking simply and from the heart. It’s about sharing and embracing the company of others. We learnt that when food is cooked with love it shows up on the plate. This is what we want to share with you.

We hope that through The Hellenic Odyssey we can help bring people closer together, literally, with the help of the much loved ‘kitchen’, everyone’s favourite room in the house. You will learn to cook authentic Greek food, to restore the art of slow cooking and to reconnect with one another.

We will share recipes, videos, how to guides and tutorials with you, showcasing traditional home style cooking. We want to learn from you as much as you learn from us and invite you to share your tips and recipes. The idea is to be part of a community; a club for food enthusiasts. We hope that this sense of community brings like-minded people together both online and in person through the culinary and cultural events that we will be hosting in Melbourne and in Greece.